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Energy Transition
The first carbon neutral stays in Mauritius
The first carbon neutral stays in Mauritius

All or almost all our actions have a carbon footprint. Whether it’s through our consumption, our means of transport, or our way of life. So when we go on holiday, we cannot escape it.

Today, the carbon footprint is a factor taken into consideration by a growing number of holidaymakers. It is now possible to choose a carbon-neutral sustainable holidays in Mauritius, such as at Heritage Resorts hotels, or to choose carbon-neutral options at Veranda Resorts hotels in the near future.

This initiative is the result of various actions in favour of carbon neutrality in Mauritius. Starting with the calculation of carbon dioxide emissions through a carbon measurement tool developed specifically for the hotel industry (HCMI, scope 1, 2 and 3). Once the data is collected, reduction measures are implemented, such as raising awareness among employees and guests. In addition, practical measures such as the purchase of local products and the use of energy-efficient equipment such as intelligent air-conditioning systems in the rooms are adopted.

This is one of the key actions of the Rogers Hospitality Group’s ‘Now for Tomorrow’ sustainable development project, in which the energy transition is one of the pillars, in favour of a transition towards a low-carbon economy. This objective includes “carbon offsetting” through carbon credits from local projects such as a photovoltaic farm in the north of mauritius island and the reforestation of unused land. Indeed, a reforestation programme has been set up, with the planting of nearly 800 trees in the Bel Ombre region. The objective is to develop our own projects that generate carbon credits.

Minimising the environmental impact is a commitment made and whose actions are carried out at all levels of the hospitality group, which is proactive in an area where carbon emissions amount to nearly 264 million metric tons per year worldwide. A choice that makes sense for travellers seeking sustainable holidays to Mauritius, who will reduce their impact while having a unique experience and an unforgettable stay.

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