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Rogers Hospitality joins the UN Global Plastic Initiative
Rogers Hospitality joins the UN Global Plastic Initiative

Today, we are proud to announce that Rogers Hospitality has joined the United Nations Global Tourism Plastic Initiative. This initiative is a global campaign aimed at reducing plastic pollution and ensuring sustainable management of plastics across the tourism sector. As a hospitality group, we understand how important it is to be environmentally conscious and ensure the sustainability of our operations.

By participating in this initiative, we are committing ourselves to taking action on plastic waste reduction within our own business operations as well as encouraging guests and other stakeholders to do the same. We will strive for zero-waste goals by minimizing single-use plastics such as straws or cutlery; offer more eco-friendly alternatives such as reusable containers; increase recycling efforts through improved sorting systems; reduce packaging waste with bulk purchasing options for food supplies; create awareness campaigns about proper disposal methods among staff members and guests alike; support local initiatives aiming at eliminating oceanic plastic pollution from rivers or beaches. Our efforts are geared through collaboration across stakeholders in the value chain to move towards a circular economy of plastics.

We believe that together with other actors in the industry joining this initiative, real progress can be made with cleaner oceans, free from harmful microplastics which have been wreaking havoc on marine life over the years – something which should concern us all! Our commitment also extends beyond just reducing existing plastic waste: We pledge not only to use recycled materials whenever possible but also promote circular economy models where products can be reused multiple times before being recycled into new items again – thus closing the loop! All these initiatives are part of our programme towards sustainable and responsible tourism; Now for Tomorrow.

Ultimately, what matters most is making sure that everyone is involved and committed – including team members and guests – understands why these changes need implementation so they too become part of this movement for an even better future for generations ahead!

About the UN GTPI

The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative unites the tourism sector behind a common vision to address the root causes of plastic pollution. It enables businesses, governments and other tourism stakeholders to lead by example in the shift towards a circular economy of plastics.

Over 100 organizations have become signatories of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative and disclosed their ambitious commitments with regards to the elimination of unnecessary single-use plastics, transition to reuse models and use of reusable, recyclable, or compostable plastic packaging and items.

UNWTO and UNEP are leading the implementation of the Initiative in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and with the support from an Advisory Group. The Initiative is developed within the framework of the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme.

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