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Circular Economy
L'Atelier Des Artisans
L'Atelier Des Artisans

In an ever-changing world where sustainability and environmental responsibility have become imperatives, businesses are striving to redefine their approach to waste. It is in this spirit that Rogers Hospitality launches its project "L'Atelier des Artisans", an initiative that merges waste management with the empowerment of local artisans. Supported by the expertise of In Situ Visual Merchandising, this project embodies the core values of empowerment, reshaping, and the promotion of local craftsmanship.

A Triptych of Commitment: Empower - Reshape - Value

The motto "Empower - Reshape - Value" captures the very essence of this ambitious project. At the heart of this initiative, Rogers Hospitality is committed to empowering artisans while breathing new life into neglected materials. This project is more than just a mere business; it is a declaration of intent towards transforming the value of waste and celebrating local craftsmanship.


The Central Role of Local Artisans

“L'Atelier des Artisans" highlights carefully selected local artisans for their creativity and dedication. Their role essentially is to transform the discarded materials from Heritage Resorts and Veranda Resorts into aesthetic and functional products. These creations go beyond mere ornaments; they become integrated elements in the daily activities of the hotel establishments and are also available for sale in their boutiques.

“This new project embodies Rogers Hospitality's vision of sustainability and community development. With the goal of diverting 80% of waste by 2026, this initiative relies on a waste management program deployed across all the group's hotel establishments. We are currently diverting 65% of our total waste from the Mare Chicose landfill, a result of our commitment to reduce our environmental impact through sustainable practices.”


Alexandre Piat, Rogers Hospitality’s Head of Sustainability

A Season of Artisanal Celebrations


Customers had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of artisanal products through the creation of unique Christmas decorations, bringing an authentic and artisanal dimension to the celebrations.


Under the leadership of In-Situ and Rogers Hospitality, some artisans of the NGO Fam Unie have made Christmas decorations from recycled materials. These durable ornaments have been honored in the Veranda and Heritage hotels of the hotel group.

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