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Circular Economy

Did you know that food waste is one of the main challenges of our generation ?

More than a third of the food, at a global level, is wasted or lost. Not to mention that it affects all sectors including the hotel industry. But these facts are not irremediable. Indeed, in collaboration with Food Wise, the hotels of the Rogers Hospitality group such as Véranda Resorts, or Heritage Resorts, are committed to fight against this food waste, and this through two types of targeted actions.

Firstly, there is the action of donating food that is still in a state of consumption. Since 2019, food which has retained its nutritional quality from the buffet is carefully collected and stored by the teams on site. No more fresh or cooked products in good condition are wasted! It’s time to recycle. A partnership and a commitment aimed at reducing food waste in the various hotels. The concrete result is the redistribution of 15,653 meals amounting to the significant total of 3,913 kilos of food for the month of October 2022 alone.

Secondly, there is the voluntary guest contribution initiative. In addition to the redistribution of food, hotel guests are informed upon their check-in of our initiative against food wastage and malnutrition through our partnership with Foodwise Mauritius. When they check out, they are given the opportunity to contribute to a good cause. A micro-donation on a voluntary basis, with significant results. A chance for visitors to leave a mark, to contribute to the well-being and education of local communities.

These donations make it possible to offer awareness sessions on nutrition, among other topics, to children in challenging situations. Activities that contribute to inclusive development, in favour of fragile or deprived communities. Because each small action, when put together, forms a whole. A circular economy is the key to tomorrow’s world, where food waste is just a forgotten practice.

And this partnership is just the beginning, so stay tuned, there’s something new coming soon !

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