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Cookbook with 30 zero waste recipes
Cookbook with 30 zero waste recipes

Proper nutrition is key for a balanced life. Grab your pots, pans and cooking utensils ! Discover the new cookbook ‘Recipe 5*’, with 30 zero waste recipes, the result of a great collaboration between Rogers Hospitality and FoodWise.

Months of consultation, reflection and testing later, this book offers accessible recipes for low budgets. Complicated and tasteless cooking is out, the time has come for simplicity and local products. A unique and innovative concept, based on the idea of zero waste and reusing everything that can be found in the kitchen. Too many peelings ? Don’t worry, every foodstuff has its place.

“When gastronomy meets zero-waste, at a low price” is the slogan of the new recipe book containing easily accessible, seasonal and affordable products. The thinking has been taken a step further, in order to favour simple and above all healthy cooking methods. A modern reinvention of local dishes that cannot be ignored, with products loved by all, such as the green papaya.

The aim of this approach is to reach a disadvantaged population and to participate in inclusive development. This recipe booklet, distributed to children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds, will contribute to a better balanced diet. Because awareness begins at a very young age, and is the key to a better future. This is why nutritional information is highlighted, in addition to tips on recovery and preservation. So much useful information for everyday cooking.

The book’s purpose is to allow all Mauritians, regardless of their social status or knowledge of cooking, to enjoy themselves while doing good to their wallet, their health and the planet.

‘Sardine rillettes with caripoulé’, ‘Tomato (pomme d’amour) pie cheesecake’, or ‘Caramelised pumpkin (giraumon) pancakes’ are all little treasures to be discovered and, above all, to be tried !

The best part ? All profits will be used to give back a cookbook to people who can’t afford them! It’s time to order your copy, and all you have to do is contact FoodWise !

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