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Collaborating for Excellence and Sustainable Progress

Building Strong Alliances

At Rogers Hospitality, we believe that collaboration is the cornerstone of success. Our valued partnerships with leading organizations and entities have been instrumental in shaping our journey towards excellence in hospitality and sustainable progress. These alliances are rooted in mutual respect, shared vision, and an unwavering commitment to deliver the best of Mauritian experiences while contributing positively to our communities. Discover our esteemed partners, each playing a pivotal role in elevating our services and amplifying our impact.

FoodWise is our ally in combating food waste and food insecurity in Mauritius. They deliver innovative solutions for businesses to conserve food, while fostering a positive impact on our community and environment.

We're proud to collaborate with National Geographic's Coral Squad Program. An immersive and engaging program that educates the youth (10-17 years) about coral literacy, inspiring them to respect and conserve our natural marine ecosystems.

Reef Conservation Mauritius, a non-profit dedicated to the conservation and restoration of Mauritius' coastal and marine environment, shares our commitment to sustainable biodiversity. Their professional team of biologists works tirelessly to ensure the preservation and sustainable use of our marine ecosystems.

Green Impact, a leading waste management company, is our partner in navigating environmental sustainability. Their expertise in environmental and sustainable development initiatives aligns perfectly with our goals of reducing waste and promoting green practices.

Dynamia, committed consultants working towards creating a more citizen-centric society, assists us in shaping a more sustainable and inclusive future. Their guidance is instrumental in our continuous pursuit of corporate social responsibility.

In Situ* Visual Merchandising, based in Mauritius, elevates our brand's visibility. Their mission to create perfect settings for showcasing our products aligns seamlessly with our commitment to providing unique and memorable experiences.

We partner with Boston Consulting Group, a world-renowned management consulting firm. Their deep insights and strategic expertise help us navigate the complexities of the hospitality industry, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve while driving sustainable growth and delivering exceptional service.

The Rogers Foundation, a special purpose vehicle of the Rogers Group, works hand in hand with us to bolster our community initiatives and social outreach programs. The foundation embodies our commitment to making a positive impact on the community, driving initiatives that enrich the lives of the people and safeguard the natural and cultural heritage of Mauritius.

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